Furniture Sets Of 2020

FURNITUREThe Perfect Sofa
for your living room

To Tend Your Garden


UPGRADEThe look of your home

From practical upgrades to cosmetic WOWS! We can show you how to make your home stand out from the rest.

Improving Your Harvest

Spring is in the air and given the current climate around the USA with shut in place orders and shelter in place directives it is the perfect time to start an at home organic garden. There are many benefits to gardening from a mental aspect to the pride in ownership of home grown food.
Wiggle Worm
The first effective organic fertilizer is Unco Industries Wiggle Worm.
Neptune’s Harvest is one that’s balanced around organic fertilizers found in the sea.
For the early season gardener trying to recover their garden.

How To Maximize Your Small Space For Gardening

Millions of people all over the world garden. Not only do these gardens range in size from hectares to mere inches, but they are also located in a variety of places from the country to the big city.

2020 Greenhouse Kits That Are Easy To Assemble

Why Greenhouse Kits Using a greenhouse is smart if you want to protect your seedlings as they mature. Controlling the light, air and temperatures that your plants are exposed to is best done with an enclosed structure.

Top Ways To Prevent Weeds From Growing In Your Garden

Preventing And Treating Weeds In Your Garden Gardening is a common past time and activity that millions of individuals partake in around the word. More than 30 percent of homeowners have gardens they regularly tend to.

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As a working mother to five boys my home has always been full of life. Now, my boys are grown and each having families of their own, they have made me a grandmother (MawMaw) to ten (10) grandchildren. My family knows that my house is, and always will be “home” to all of them. “A house is made with walls and beams. A home is made with love and dreams” -Author Unknown. I say that to emphasize my belief that it is of great importance that your home reflects what you want your family to be, welcoming, charming, and full of life. Thus, the reason for my choosing of Home and Garden as my primary focus for my website.
Through the years I have always put my family’s needs before my own, further allowing my own health to deteriorate. As though it is hard enough to care for my own health, while still obtaining my full-time daily job, I am also the primary caregiver for my husband whom has serious health conditions. At times, I find it rather difficult to leave my husband alone as I head out to my full-time job, because I do not know what could happen while I am away. My husband is an insulin dependent diabetic, therefore the thought of him being alone is terrifying. My heart is set on being home daily with him, and still being able to provide an income for both of our needs.
I took a leap of faith to pursue my online business and invest money into my website so that  my dream to be home daily with my husband could become my reality. My goal with this business is to build it to a point where it becomes my full-time job and I can work and make an income from within my home. I find that my home is my comfort zone, the place where if I am there, life is alright. That leads me to say this, “Don’t forget to appreciate the abundance you already have, which may include your home, loves ones, area where you live, opportunities and material possessions.” -Author Unknown. Further, I want to devote myself to helping others to make their house into a Home.

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