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Preventing And Treating Weeds In Your Garden 

Gardening is a common past time and activity that millions of individuals partake in around the word. More than 30 percent of homeowners have gardens they regularly tend to. In addition to curb appeal, cultivating a garden also has many therapeutic benefits. Some gardeners choose to grow their own vegetables while others enjoy the outdoor decor that plants and flowers add to their home. No matter what type of garden a person has, knowing how to efficiently deal with and prevent weeds is an important facet of effective gardening.

Preventing weeds in the garden
When a person is cultivating a new garden bed, they should be mindful that weed seeds are generally dormant until introduced to air and sunlight. For this reason, tilling and cultivating soil should be done only when needed; never in excess. Gardeners who take pride in their work sometimes wonder why seeds sprout weeds in their new soil beds. The issue is that cultivating sections for a garden brings dormant soil to the top; giving weeds the needed sunlight and oxygen to grow.

Pre-emergent application
Chemical options like herbicides serve as efficient methods in stopping weed seeds from flowering. This is a viable option because the chemicals in these products target certain weed families. Pre-emergents should be applied to gardens prior to noticing weed germination. This normally takes place during early spring, after cultivation. It is important to note that these chemical options are activated when the soil becomes wet. Thoroughly watering the garden is recommended proceeding pre-emergent applications.

Mulch and plant proximity
Mulch has long been an effective method to weed prevention. A rule of thumb in the gardening world is applying mulch 2 inches deep into the garden. While doing so, one should be conscious not to damage plant roots and shrub bases. Mulch is a diverse method of treating garden weeds. This is because it helps soil absorb moisture while creating unfriendly growing environments for weeds. There are organic forms of mulch and non-organic options as well. Although non-organic mulch may last longer, it doesn’t break down into the soil like organic mulch. The space in between your plants also plays a significant factor in the germination of weeds. Open spaces are prime environments for weeds to take root in gardens; so block spacing your garden will also help discourage the growth of weeds.

Ground cover for garden maintenance
Planting a ground cover can also create uncomfortable growing temperaments for weeds. Some weeds are annual and also germinate in colder temperatures. Using landscaping fabric with your soil can smother weed seeds before they can germinate. There is also the option of planting seasonal cover crops. By planning these types of plants, a barrier is created which strips weeds of the light they need to grow. These plants can be tilled during the spring time to prevent weeds from surfacing during the late summer and fall seasons.


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