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Springtime is here and it’s time for gardens to be attended to and yards to be maintained; but what about the luscious trees in front and back yards? What’s to be done to keep these green giants flourishing through the season? An unhealthy or dying tree can put a damper on any solid yard and even wallet. Here are some tips to keep the staple of your yard healthy and green.

1. Always Water
This one should be an obvious answer to even the most amateur yard connoisseur, but perhaps the simplicity of it makes it too easy to overlook. Keeping trees watered is a crucially important step to maintaining the health of any plant, and trees are no exception to this rule. Be aware of droughts and dry spells and be ready to compensate with enough water for all trees.

2. Slow-release Fertilizer
This step might not be as obvious to some, but it could be just as crucial. Slow-release fertilizer works like it says: it releases nutrients over a period of weeks, and sometimes even months. It’s a key step to ensuring that trees are staying healthy and well fed, without causing potential root damage with other quicker fertilizer substitutes.

3. Trim Branches
Trimming branches on a tree not only makes it seem more aesthetically pleasing, but it can also promote healthier growth. By trimming any dead branches, it allows the tree to provide healthier growth where it is needed, and also allows the tree to reach it’s fuller potential. Use a hand held saw for lower branches and an extended for higher ones. Be careful if you need to climb up to reach the top limbs.

4. Always Inspect
Inspecting trees allows the yard enthusiast to be aware of any potential threats or concerns of said trees. It is best to always be aware and catch any concerns early. It is important to look for dead, damaged or discolored leaves, low hanging branches, and even inconsistencies in the bark and outer layer of the tree.

5. Tree Wraps
Another useful tip to stay ahead of your tree’s health is to wrap it. This technique is essential for trees that are typically younger or more fragile, but it could provide a decent foundation for a healthy spring. Protection from the elements for more fragile trees can be crucial for outright survival.

6. Asking A Professional
These steps are essential to the health of any living tree, but perhaps there is an issue that doesn’t seem to have any rational fix or conclusion that may make itself apparent. This is where a professional could step in to assess the scenario and can help make an informed decision, or even do it for you, for a price. The professionals are trained to track any health issues with the tree, or even help protect from pests, therefore, calling them should never be a shame. They can help bridge the gap between what an average person would know compared to what needs to be done. 


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