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Maybe you live somewhere that grass simply does not grow or maybe you just simply do not like grass but at the end of the day, you may have found yourself looking for an easy way to maintain the appearance of your backyard without all of the hassle of lawn maintenance that grass brings. Lucky for you there are multiple options when it comes to landscaping without grass. While most people immediately think of grass whenever they think of a lawn it is definitely possible to make something even more beautiful without it. Let’s take a quick look at a few of the ways that you could improve the appearance of your lawn without adding any grass.

The Traditional Courtyard
One of the more popular options for your yard that does not involve any type of grass would be a courtyard. There are a few different ways that you could go about implementing a courtyard design. One of the more common ways is to simply tear up all of the grass that is in the backyard and then replace it with either pavement or granite. This will give you a nice solid surface but does not need very much if any maintenance. Often people will add special features like a fire pit or perhaps even some ornamental plants that do not require very much care or maintenance themselves. If you are the type of person that enjoys bringing people over in order to hang out in the backyard while you are grilling some food than a courtyard could be one of the best options for you and your backyard that does not involve any kind of grass or lawn care.

Rocks In The Yard: Xeriscape
Perhaps the second-most popular option for your yard without any grass is to simply replace the turf that is in the front and back of your home with various types of stones and pebbles. This is called xeriscape. Xeriscape has become increasingly popular throughout the Western and Midwestern states like California and Colorado. These states have had issues in the past with water accessibility and it is well-known that a lawn that has grass is one of the most voracious consumers of water in a household. Not only will you be able to eliminate any of the tiresome yard work that you are trying to avoid by removing all of the grass in your yard you will also be able to sleep easy because you will know that you are doing your part to help protect the environment by eliminating excess water usage at your home. There are a number of different types of stones that you can use whenever you’re constructing your lawn. You consider what color the house is so that you could potentially match the house with the colors of the stones that you will be using while you are improving your yard. Xeriscape could be one of the best options for you to have a backyard without grass. 


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