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February 18, 2020by admin0

Spring is here! It’s time for cleaning up your home, reorganizing and other things. It’s time for working in the garden. Perhaps you are remodeling or renovating your home. Maybe you’re looking for some ideas on how to spruce up your contemporary home. A new rug will certainly brighten up a room. Here are some of the most popular styles that consumers are buying today.

Rugs with bright colors are popular this year. Instead of neutral tones, people are updating their homes in strikingly bold colors. Hot pink, bright orange, and lime green are trendy. Rugs with geometric designs are fashionable this year. There are square, circle, triangle and rectangle patterns in many different sizes and colors. These patterns are popular for the dining and living areas of the home, and not just for the children’s rooms. The designs that are in the stores are beautiful and cheerful. They will definitely add life to any home. Rugs that have chevron designs are popular this year too. Patterns with a chevron design can give the appearance of larger dimensions to a room. This will make any small room appear bigger. There are many colors to choose from so you can easily find one that is sure to match your decor. Everyone is bound to find the color they like best.

There are modern twists on some of the traditional patterns that have been popular for centuries. Many of the oriental designs have been refreshed with flamboyant colors. Designers have come up with clever ways to blend old and new ideas together. If you’re interested in beautifying your home with hand woven rugs, you’ll have a variety of choices. If you’re looking to buy a hand crafted rug that’s inexpensive, there’s many on the market. Perhaps it’s for a child’s room, or a busy family room and you plan to replace the flooring frequently. On the other end of the spectrum, some hand crafted rugs that are available this year are very expensive, especially if they’re imported. However, they are absolutely exquisite! If you’re furnishing a room, such as a parlor, that’ll only be used on rare occasions, an imported rug would be perfect. Although this would be a rather expensive purchase, it’d be well worth the investment. A rug of such quality should last a lifetime.

Many consumers today are mindful of buying products that are sustainable. This is probably the most prominent question that the average consumer asks before purchasing a product. They want to know if the product is cost efficient and safe for the environment. There are many rugs on the market that are made from natural materials like wool, jute, and sisal.

Your contemporary home will be beautiful no matter what kind of rugs you choose for it. One thing to keep in mind is to let your personality shine through. Don’t be afraid to express your character and creativity. Enjoy all of your spring projects for your contemporary home.


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