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Why Greenhouse Kits
Using a greenhouse is smart if you want to protect your seedlings as they mature. Controlling the light, air and temperatures that your plants are exposed to is best done with an enclosed structure. Choosing a kit over investing into a fresh, new building design is about owning a greenhouse that’s easy to assemble. While hardware stores offer some selection, the best choices are typically available online. Here’s a better look at the top assembly kits to build your greenhouse from:

Greenhouse Kits that are Easy to Assemble

1. The Hardwood Plant House — Not every homeowner is ready to assemble a full size greenhouse. For those whose “green thumbs” are developing, you’ll need somewhere to protect your plants from the raw elements of day and night. The Hardwood Plant House is a portable, enclosed shelving cabinet with translucent panels that guides light to your seedlings. Steel fasteners stabilize the wood beams of the Plant House in place.  The Hardwood’s exterior is twin walled polycarbonate panels that keep its interior insulated.

2. The Home Gardener — The Home Gardner greenhouse is a beginner’s model built as a “walk in.” Its assembly is simplified through its lightweight construction that makes the Home Gardner easy to reposition. It uses galvanized shelving panels and has a transparent cover with ventilated sides built in.

3. The Orangery — The Orangery is a stylish greenhouse that might improve the decor of your garden space. It’s inspired by Victorian architecture and constructed through polycarbonate panels and a steel structure. A rain gutter is provided, and the 10 foot length of the Orangery is suitable for plants and garden furniture.

4. The Cape Cod Glass — The Cape Cod is versatile; it’s ideal for different gardening projects. Its ventilation feature is controlled by side panels that adjust to your needs. Though its panels are made of glass, the Cape Cod Glass Greenhouse can also be constructed in polycarbonate. The greenhouse’s steel frame comes in white, green or brown. The Cape Cod is equipped with double doors and is assembled at up to 16 feet long.

Bringing Your Gardening and Resources to Mind
Ask yourself about how a greenhouse will benefit your gardening. Start off by considering your yard space, if you only need to germinate seeds or if storing plants during the winter is your main objective. Keeping your plants in a transparent structure enables you to nurse neglected ones back to health. Any ill herbs, bushes or dying vegetables can be taken out of harm’s way by storing them in spaces in which you control the conditions of.

Your garden is a wonderful, relaxing space. However, care is required during each stage of growth that your plants experience. Whether you’ve planted for several years or haven’t ever done it before, let a greenhouse help you to cultivate the variety of plants you dream off. Make sure that your new greenhouse is properly secured, particularly if you live in an area with high winds. 


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