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People tend to spend more time in outdoor spaces that feel private and sheltered from the public’s eye. We understand the importance of a private backyard to enjoy retreats without concern about an excessive amount of exposure. Try one of these established solutions to add privacy to your backyard.

Build a Living Wall
Hedges have been used as a privacy landscaping hallmark for hundreds of years. Depending upon your choice of material, a tactical scenery of a hedge can reach any desired height naturally. The downside? Hedges require a good amount of maintenance thereby taking plenty of money and time to determine a high hedgerow. However, with the correct placement a hedge of modest proportions will be very neat and effective for a private backyard.

Put up a pergola
For privacy without the fear of blocking a beautiful backyard view, consider building a pergola. It is certainly an investment. While it stands with no walls, it’s wood columns and beams still offer obstruction from potential peering eyes. You can also choose to finish the design with outdoor curtains and market lights or fill in the structures sides and open top with climbing plans. This will definitely transform your not so secret backyard into a comfy, serene, romantic and intensely private destination.

Plant Trees along your property
When it involves natural privacy, go for trees that are easy to grow and easy to find on the market. You must carefully evaluate your options for planting sites. You will have to observe and identify the reasonable species that will do best in your area’s climate conditions and ensure proper root growth.

Bamboo is important for any tropical space. It’s one among the fastest growing plants on earth, requires little maintenance and it’s evergreen so you’ll get a good looking backyard throughout the year. A bamboo backyard can transform your environment into a secluded recess. The most important concept is to plant it on it’s own and only in beds or in containers with strong barriers since bamboo is invasive and might be very hard to contain. If bamboo won’t grow in your area then consider maple trees, oak trees, or pine trees for your privacy screen.

Go Modern
If you like super modern fences, consider pure concrete for your backyard. There are many dazzling concrete fences used for both beauty and privacy that you could explore for inspiration. Another modern fencing option would be a metal wall screen. It is an ideal modern solution for a bigger backyard area. Extremely durable thus ensuring long lasting privacy solution for your space. This option delivers sophistication and magnificence.

Build a Stone Wall
If you’re trying to find a more permanent privacy solution in your backyard, consider a stone wall. It provides a greater level of seclusion than other fencing ideas despite it being somewhat pricey. A beautiful natural looking stone will create stunning view from every angle. This is a great choice for a more traditional home.


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