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People that are envious of the yards of their neighbors or other homeowners that have eye-catching green grass want to know their secret. They want to know how they can get their yards in shape and looking the same way. Much of the appeal of beautiful, lush grass has to do with the water sprinkler system installed in their yard.

Water Deficiency
Some areas of the country get grass that is naturally easy to maintain. It doesn’t take a lot of water for these homeowners to make their lawns look better. It can be relatively easy to turn on the outside water faucet and utilize a hose to water these types of yards. This is rare, however, because all areas experience a drought at some point.

It is during these times that a water sprinkler system seems like the ideal way to avoid these types of problems. When there is a drought the front yard may look different than the backyard. In addition, one area may require more work than the other part of the lawn.

The Position Of The Home
A large part of the need is going to come from the position of the house. If a house is facing the sun the water sprinkler system in the front yard is going to be needed to fight off the heat of the sun that causes a lot of damage to the grass. If the sun is shining hard on the backyard it is worth your time to consider a water sprinkler system for the backyard. Some people will get a water sprinkler system for the front and back. It all just depends on where the water deficiency is. The sun and the lack of water will return in dry brittle grass.

Take A Look
At times the lawn is visibly in need of some type of treatment. It may be obvious to tell just by looking at the patches in the grass. If there are a lot of patches where there is dead grass a water sprinkler system is definitely going to be helpful. It is going to get you back to a place where you have a better chance to maintain the yard. A lot of people assumed that they can simply go out and buy some type of weed and feed products without actually watering the grass regularly. This is not going to work. There has to be regular moisture in the grass to work with any type of lawn care products.

Feel The Grass
Some yards are not as visibly in need of water simply from looking at the lawns. Sometimes it is better to feel the grass and assess how dry it feels. If there is a certain area where there is no dew in the morning it is very possible that this grass is going to feel very sharp and brittle. This is a telltale sign that it is time for a water sprinkler system. 


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