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Millions of people all over the world garden. Not only do these gardens range in size from hectares to mere inches, but they are also located in a variety of places from the country to the big city. Yes, they’re in the big city. It’s reported a growing number of urbanites are using what free space they have to garden, and these small spaces are proving to be just as productive as their bigger cousins.

Three great types of gardens that are perfect for utilizing small spaces to peak efficiency and performance are container gardens, raised bed gardens and vertical gardens. Listed below are 3 great ways to maximize your small spaces for gardening.

Container Gardens
Container gardening has been about since man first put soil and a plant into something other than the ground. Everyone, at some point, has done this type of common gardening and not even known it. It’s simply what its name implies; the use of a container to grow something in.
Containers range in size from tiny to very large. In small spaces, container gardening must fit the size of the space and the taste of the gardener. Materials for these containers should be those which protect roots from temperature fluctuations, have good drainage and are durable. Many will be outside all year round, and they must be able to handle that.

Raised Bed Gardens
Raised beds are gaining popularity with those gardeners over 40 who are having trouble bending and kneeling; the two main activities in traditional gardening. The rule of thumb for raised bed gardening is to build a bed you can easily reach the middle of from all sides – about two to four feet wide. This is the best size for someone in a wheelchair. The height of your planter boxes also depends on the gardener. Materials for raised bed gardening are usually wood but concrete and metal are also being used. As long as the material is on a good foundation and can handle soil moving and settling, the variety is endless.

Vertical Gardens
Vertical gardening is becoming quite popular with urbanites and those over 40 as well. Vertical gardening entails using frames for growing plants on. Frames like walls of wire or shelves remove the need for the majority of kneeling and bending needed in gardening. Plants also benefit from the improved airflow and produce a great deal more – the more that’s picked, the more the plant produces.

Anything a plant can climb up, anything you can put a plant in off the ground and at a comfortable height can be used for vertical gardening. And there’s no limit to the materials used as long as the roots are protected.

In closing, these three methods are great for gardening in small spaces. They all have some downsides to them, but these usually revolve around planning and building the gardens, soil choice, and drainage. Plan ahead and you can have a great harvest no matter which one you choose.


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