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Are you thinking that with more time on your hands at home that now would be the perfect time to upgrade your landscape? Perhaps you are considering adding a hardscape this spring for entertaining this summer? Wondering where to start? Don’t know what kind of landscaping rock is right for you?

Here are a few of the best ideas to keep in mind when choosing a rock for your land scape:

Lava Rock
Beautiful, distinctive and unique on its own, lava rock is frequently seen naturally in southwestern landscapes, but this volcanic rock is gaining momentum today as a more frequently used filler rock used all across the US. Lava rock and drift wood go artistically well together for a modern minimalistic look. Lava rock by nature retains heat, so be aware of that with your plantings. Plants that have vast root systems or need to be kept constantly moist are not a the choice. Grasses, and succulents by nature love this landscaping rock. And, nothing looks quite as naturally striking as a palm tree cleanly landscaped with lava rock. Lava rock in small increments can draw the eye, for example, as in an island. Lava rock may not be the best fit if you are planning a formal garden, but it might just be what you are looking for if you want a touch of modern, or a garden with little upkeep. This rustic rock comes in both red or black.

Unfortunately small chunks of lava rock can ruin mower blades if left on lawn.

River rock
From large sculptural pieces to golf ball sized river rocks for walls, or small river rocks for filler, the uses for river rocks in landscape is seemingly as endless as the imagination. Turning a wild yard into an enchanted dwelling is easily possible with river rock. Depending on how this rock is used, river rock can protect your landscape from water damage, and add drainage. Bring aesthetic appeal from front yard to back with a winding dry creek bed that leads the eye. A charming focal point used in a hillside landscape is an artfully landscaped staircase. A water feature is fairly simple to put together with this rock as it’s readily available in different types and costs.

Because river rock tends to be heavy and non uniform they can be difficult to weed.

Great hardscape tips:

Plan well
A Thoroughly planned design is key. So get out your notebook, start your online research, and don’t forget your measuring tape for reference. Keep track of mapping your yard with a simple can of spray paint on the lawn. A good hardscape design will add beauty and value to your property.

Don’t forget to reuse, recycle and repurpose. Save time and money. Old pipes, decorative metal furnishings, and so much more can be refashioned easily into trellis’ fencing, and lend a decorative touch to your outdoor space. be creative, and let your imagination run wild!

Make it a family affair
Getting everyone involved, and doing it together can be a fun project, enjoyed for years to come. Make your own pavers with the kids handprints. Be sure to pick out your family’s favorite edible foods among the landscape.

You can transform your landscape into your own truly unique space yourself, on a budget with a little research and with a lot of imagination!


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